Podcast: Don’t Make Pain the Enemy

by Dan Cayer

Most approaches to solving chronic pain fail because they try to either overpower the pain through exercise or PT regimens, or ignore the discomfort and ‘get on with life.’ Both approaches act as if the pain and uncertainty aren’t there. Both approaches act as if you aren’t there – dealing with the swirling feelings and thoughts that arise. In my 20 minute interview on the podcast, “Body Learning,” I share a different approach to resolving chronic pain that I’ve tested out in my personal life and with hundreds of students.

My interview discusses:

  • How we can bring too much vigilance to the healing process
  • How we need to stop treating pain as a home invader we are trying to repel and instead develop compassion for ourselves.
  • Why the Alexander Technique is both so effective at chronic pain and can also lead to self-destructive habits unless the right attitude is cultivated.
  • What kind of pain the AT can best help and that which it cannot.
  • How our recovery will be undercut unless we unwind the knot of anxiety and stress that is ratcheting up our nervous system.

This post originally appeared at dancayerfluidmovement.com


DAN CAYER is a nationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique. After a serious injury left him unable to work or even carry out household tasks, he began studying the technique. His return to health, as well as his experience with the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of pain, inspired him to help others. He now teaches his innovative approach in Midtown Manhattan and in retreats across the Hudson Valley. His next retreat combining meditation and the Alexander Technique takes place from August 18-20th. He also teaches adults to swim with greater ease and confidence by applying Alexander principles. You can find his next workshop or schedule a private lesson at www.dancayerfluidmovement.com.