ACAT FACULTY (2008–2017)

“I slumped into my first Alexander lesson in the late 1990’s seeking relief from extreme neck and hand pain, which had stopped my musical career. The Alexander Technique ended the pain and made it possible for me to avoid risky cervical surgery. I received my teaching certification from ACAT in 2003. My aim has been to teach the AT in a simple practical way using humor, coaching, and my passion for helping people.”

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ACAT FACULTY (2015 & 2017)

“I felt very motivated after my first AT lesson (2003) and began training three years after. My chronic neck pain from playing the violin disappeared during the lesson and remained gone even hours after. I always feel enthusiastic in terms of incorporating Alexander work into my musical endeavors – both playing and teaching. My background as a musician has given me extensive knowledge that helps me understand the problems and difficulties facing performing artists, and I love sharing with trainees what I've learned from teaching AT to musicians.”

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ACAT FACULTY (2014–2018)

"Alexander Technique helps me see myself more clearly – my physical, mental, and emotional habits – and gives me practical tools for change. I enjoy helping others find the power, freedom and ease they desire, whether they come to the Technique because of pain, a wish to improve performance, or simply want to live with more awareness and choice. I find the Alexander Technique to be invaluable in my other job: mothering two dear daughters."

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