ACAT/Hope Martin

ACAT FACULTY (1998–2018)

"The Alexander Technique has been the foundation of my entire adult life. It has given me the tools I need to know myself, understand my habits, access my innate ease and wellbeing, and to trust in my own wisdom. I discovered resources I never knew I had. I am passionate about teaching this work – both in the Teacher Certification program at ACAT, and to the general public. I delight in helping others discover their own wealth through these profound principles."


Judith Liebowitz, Deborah Caplan, Pearl Ausubel, Sarnie Ogus, Barbara Ken


Private Practice since 1987
Group Classes:

  • Faculty, Shambhala Meditation Center (New York City, 1995–present)

  • Faculty, New York Open Center (New York City, 1991–present)

  • Eileen Fisher (2008–09)

  • Faculty, Sarah Lawrence College Theatre Department (Bronxville, NY, 2003)

  • The Learning Annex (2000–03)

  • Faculty, Lucy Moses School for Music and Dance (New York City, 1999–2003)

  • Olive Leaf Wholeness Center (2000–02)

  • Faculty, Turtle Bay Music School (New York City, 1997–2000)

  • Faculty, Sommerakademie Griechenland (two-week residential course) (Zakynthos, Greece , 1998–99)

  • Faculty, Internationale Tanzwochen Wien (Vienna, Austria, 1997–98)

  • Rasa Yoga Center (1995–98)

  • 92nd Street YM-YMHA (1990–91)

  • Bernadette’s Fitness Salon (1990)


  • Shambhala Centers: Albany, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boulder, Chicago, Davis, Halifax, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco

  • Shambhala Mountain Center

  • Karme Choling Retreat Center

  • Zen Center of NY

  • Zen Mountain Monastery, Mt. Tremper, NY

  • Garrison Institute

  • Omega Institute

  • Colgate-Palmolive Company

  • Klavierhaus

  • Random House Publishers

  • SHARE (Self-Help for Women with Breast Cancer)

  • Sky Lake Lodge, Rosendale, NY

  • The New School

  • The Rockwell Group

  • Wagner College

  • Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia


  • Transforming Trauma Initiative, Garrison Institute (2009)

  • Garrison Institute Staff Retreat (2005)

  • AmSAT ACGM co-presented w/ Daniel Singer on Alexander and Spirituality (1999)

  • AmSAT ACGM presentation on Alexander applied to meditation practice (1995)

  • The Dancer's Union (Barcelona, 1992)


  • Barbara Kent (1987–present); Andrea Hanson (1987–92); Rika Cohen (1995–2002)

  • Bi-monthly hands-on exchanges with colleagues Kim Jessor and Joan Frost (1995–present)

  • Close student, attendant and cook for Pema Chodron (1993–present)

  • 2-year Advanced Training in Whole Body Focusing with Kevin McKevenue and Karen Whalen (2013–15)

  • DART Procedures, Joan and Alex Murray (2009)

  • Focusing Training with Ann Weiser Cornell and Glenn Fleisch (2009–11)

  • Focusing Trainer since 2010

  • Post Graduate Shambhala Teacher Training (2009)

  • The Art of Breathing, Jessica Wolf (2006)

  • The Art of Group Teaching, Meade Andrew (2006, 2016)

  • Breathing Coordination, Carl Stough (1997)

  • Shambhala Teacher Training and Assistant Director Training (1996)

  • Meditation Instructor Training (1994)

  • Shambhala Vajradhatu Seminary (1992)

  • Anatomy Workshop, David Gorman (1988)

  • Teaching Alexander Technique to Actors, Julliard, Judy Liebowitz (1987)

  • The Healing Foundation and Professional Arts Guild (New York City, 1984–89)