"Self Lesson on the Floor" (A digital download)


"Self Lesson on the Floor" (A digital download)

 “Dare to let it feel wrong. Take a chance on letting me give you an experience that you don’t think is right. When you walk out of this room you can always go back to what feels right. But right now, you’re allowing both of us the luxury to make a mistake.”
– Judith Leibowitz (from Dare to be Wrong)

Self Lesson on the Floor is a compilation of the procedures taught by Judith Leibowitz, one of the original founders and he spiritual head of ACAT, from 1964 until she turned over the directorship to Barbara Kent in 1981. Judy remained on the faculty until her death in 1990. Judy’s presence was a guiding light in the establishment of ACAT, as well as a continuing beacon for all of the many students who learned from her and who became Alexander Technique teachers under her guidance. This video represents a full expression of her style, ideas, and clarity when speaking about the desired directional thinking requested of the student.

The audio files also includes an interview with Barbara Kent about Judy, her life and the unique gifts she brought to her teaching. The last track contains some principles to keep in mind while doing the Self Lesson, as well as some practical ideas for practice, for example how to use soft bound books under the head for support.

Self Lesson on the Floor is available for your donation of $10 to support the continued growth at ACAT. When you complete your purchase, on order confirmation page, click on the link to download "Self Lesson.zip" to your computer or device.


Self Lesson on the Floor is offered with thanks to Judy Stern, whose generous donation enabled its creation, to the Board of ACAT for their vision and promise in bringing it to completion, and to ACAT Alumni Kathyrn Miranda, who’s many creative hours transcribing audio of Judy’s teaching made this recording possible.

Dare To Be Wrong by Judith Leibowitz (as compiled by Kathryn Miranda) is available on Kindle.