Summer TCP Make-Up & Refresher Classes


Summer TCP Make-Up & Refresher Classes

from 75.00

Once again, we are combining TCP Make-Up Classes with Teacher Refresher Classes this summer. Taught by members of the ACAT Faculty.

Wednesday, June 28 with Kim Jessor
Clarity of Language in Teaching

Moving from the classical Alexander directions as foundational, we will explore ways of speaking with, listening to and reflecting back verbally to our students in the moment in a lesson. Through refining this communication, we can elicit the state of mind/mental attitude that is conducive to exploration, discovery and learning. We will layer and integrate our words with our hands on work.

Thursday, July 6 with Daniel Singer
The Power of the Atlas in Grounding

The aim is to clarify how our understanding of the A.O. joint interacts with the feet and can contribute to integration.  The class will consist of a very brief explanation, mostly one-on-one and hands-on-hands turns, student practice in diads and a lying down talk-through. Humans go down to poise up and we also poise up to go down.

Wednesday, July 19 with Joan Frost
Gravity, use, and objects

Our cultural understanding of the material effect of gravity and support is not very developed. One can only look to the design of such things as tote bags, chairs, even ergonomic ones, and chiropractor-recommended pillows to see this. And what about the concept of lumbar support?

In this class we will hone our understanding of use/object design to be able to pass this understanding on to our students. We will also explore the issue of use in relation to horizontal-plane movement and when resistance or friction is a factor, such as opening drawers, doors, or working hands-on on the table. We will both work on our own use and practice on the above in the role of teacher.

Thursday, July 27 with Witold Fitz-Simon
Body Reading: Seeing and Understanding Bodies

Witold will present a simple and effective way of seeing and assessing a student's posture and use using straightforward and non-technical language based on the work of author and anatomist Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains) in a fun and interactive session.

Dates: Wednesday, June 28 with Kim Jessor; Thursday, July 6 with Daniel Singer; Wednesday, July 19 with Joan Frost; Thursday, July 27 with Witold Fittz-Simon
Times: 9:00 am to 12:45 pm
Location: ACAT, 39 West 14th Street, Room #507, between 5th and 6th Avenue
Fees: ACAT Trainees: $75 per class/Teaching Members: $300 for all 4 classes; $85/class/Non-members: $95/classes, $340 for all 4 classes
To register: To pay by check, send payment in full, indicating which classes you are registering for, by Friday, June 23, 2017 to ACAT, 39 West 14th Street, Room #507, NY, NY, 10011.


Each class is limited to 12 students and satisfies 10 hours of AmSAT Continuing Education requirements. All courses subject to cancellation if under-enrolled.