TCP Refresher Classes


TCP Refresher Classes

from 45.00

Alexander Teachers are invited to attend classes in the training course for refresher work.

Fall 2017 Term classes meet Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 9 am–12:45 pm; Evening/weekend classes may be scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, 5:30–9:15 pm; and Saturday, 10 am–1:45 pm*

* Classes are scheduled each term based on enrollment.


For those interested only in Anatomy classes, check back for the Fall 2017 schedule.

Current ACAT teaching members are welcome to audit training classes at ACAT for free, which includes participation in group activities. Teachers who are auditing will not receive hands-on turns, but are welcome to exchange work with trainees and other teachers in the class. Auditing is free to all current teaching members. To register, contact Brooke Lieb, Director of Training, by email.