Deepening the Connection: New Post-graduate Series with Joan Frost


Deepening the Connection: New Post-graduate Series with Joan Frost

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A six-session series for Alexander Teachers
Wednesdays, October 4 - November 8, 2017

Join new and old colleagues alike in this six week series with former TCP Director, Joan Frost. Joan will share perspectives and specific experiential procedures that have influenced her teaching these 34 years. Influencers include: Debby Caplan, Judy Liebowitz, Marj Barstow, and Rivka Cohen. This class is designed to support and inspire teachers and deepen our connection to the work and each other. Click on the course title and scroll down for Joan's exciting course outline.

Day/Dates: Wednesdays, October 4 - November 8, 2017
Time: 2:30-4:30pm
Fees: $300 ACAT Members*, $410 non-members, $60 per class (space-permitting, ACAT members only)
A deposit is required to reserve your spot. Space is limited.

*ACAT Teachers may arrange to share a spot with another teacher. (3 classes each). Drop-ins will be available only if space permits.

Joan Frost was certified at ACAT in 1983 and has been training teachers since 1984. She also maintains a private practice in Manhattan, in Rockland County, NY and in Stratford, CT.


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A deposit or payment in full is required to reserve your space. To pay by check and avoid processing fees, send payment in full ($300 ACAT Teaching members/$410 non-members) payable to ACAT, 39 West 14th Street, Room #507, NY, NY 10011.

The first 4 weeks will be my teaching as influenced by:

Week 1: Debby Caplan — chair variables, understanding gravity functionally

Week 2: Judy Leibowitz — toes, stair-climbing, jumping, hands draping like a piece of cloth, the uncommitted hand

Week 3: Marj Barstow — importance of thinking positively (no negative thinking), observation skills, appreciation of proportionality, application work

Week 4: Rivka Cohen — Forward and up, up, forward and up, up, the dynamics of “up”, working vertically, thinking up vertically, back and up

Each of these teachers has had a significant influence on my teaching. Since they are no longer available to learn from directly, I will share my understanding of some of what they brought to “the work”. I will demonstrate and we will explore with hands-on.

Week 5: Learning by thinking v. learning by experience, and teaching utilizing thinking v. teaching utilizing experience. Exploring both and the benefits of each.

Week 6: The art of hands-on: further understanding the mind/body connection and recognizing how whatever is in our minds is immediately manifested in our hands. Working with flexibility of mind and being in the center of the moment.