“Being in the process with another person as they discover more effective ways of functioning in their lives is one of the exciting things about being a teacher of the technique.” —Sarnell Ogus, Former ACAT Faculty, Long Island, NY


Founded in 1964, the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) was the first teacher certification program of its kind established in the United States. Built upon the vision and dedication of Judith Leibowitz and Deborah Caplan, ACAT is a progressive organization taking a leading role in the training of Alexander teachers.

The essence of the program is an enduring commitment to the work of Frederick Matthias Alexander. ACAT is proud to have trained more than a third of the country’s Alexander teaching population.

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ACAT Graduates share their experiences of training.
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Information about the Health and Wellbeing Program: for students who want more in-depth study but may not be ready to train

The Technique
The Alexander Technique is an educational process for improving use of the whole self. Alexander students learn to perceive and change habits that interfere with their natural design for movement and expression. Through a teacher’s verbal, visual and hands-on skills, the Alexander student receives the necessary experiences for facilitating change. Benefits of practicing the technique include improved coordination, poise and the alleviation of pain caused by postural stress.

The Profession
Teachers of the Alexander Technique participate in a stimulating process of physical, psychological and intellectual growth. The technique is taught primarily in private lessons. The one-to-one relationship maximizes individual attention and the hands-on experience.

Graduates of ACAT, in addition to establishing private teaching practices, have taught at such internationally respected institutions as The Juilliard School, Yale School of Drama, The Mannes College of Music, The Aspen Music Festival, Sarah Lawrence College and New York University. Many also conduct a wide variety of group classes and workshops throughout the country and abroad.