Rates & Policies

Studio Rental Rates

Half Studio:

Teaching Members $18.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

All other permitted users: $22 per hour

Whole Studio Hourly Rentals:

Teaching Members: $40 per hour

Associate Members: $45 per hour

Non-Members: $60 per hour

Whole Studio One Weekend Day Rentals:

Teaching and Associate Members: $250 per day

Non-Members: $300 per day

Whole Studio Two Weekend Day Rentals:

Teaching and Associate Members: $425 for both days

Non-Members: $500 for both days

Studio Rental Polices

Studio Calendar: To make a reservation, first check the studio calendar to determine whether your desired time slot appears free, then contact the Studio Coordinator (for Half-Studio Rentals) by email or the Administrative Assistant (for Whole-Studio Rentals) by email, as explained below, to request your reservation.

The studio calendar is at the end of each regular workday, so a time that appears free on the calendar may already have been booked. The Studio Coordinator or Administrative Assistant will respond to your request to confirm whether the time you requested is available.

Billing Increments: The minimum amount billed for any use (Open Studio, Half Studio or Whole Studio) is one hour, and thereafter in 15 minute increments.

Weekend Access: If your reservation is for a weekend, you will need to an access card to enter the building. Please ask about this procedure when you make your reservation.

Access Card Deposit: $50.00 (refundable upon return of card).

Half Studio Rentals

Availability: The ACAT Studio is available for hourly rentals of one-half of the entire space, for the following purposes:
• Private and semi-private Alexander Technique lessons (not more than three individuals in total);
• Alexander Technique exchanges involving not more than three teachers; and
• Other approved uses, as determined by ACAT on a case-by-case basis.

Be aware when you make your Half-Studio reservation that others may be using the other half of the Studio at the same time.

Half-Studio reservations may be made up to 28* days in advance. *Effective March 23, 2015

To Make a Half-Studio Reservation: Contact Studio Coordinator Mark Josefsberg by email or by phone at 917-709-4648. Mark generally responds to reservation requests within 48 hours, except that if you make your request after 10pm on a Friday, you may not receive a response until the following Monday. Your reservation is not confirmed until you hear back from the Studio Coordinator.

Cancellation Policy: If you wish to cancel your half-space reservation, contact the Studio Coordinator by e-mail or phone.

We require 48 hours’ notice of all cancellations. If you cancel with less notice, you will be charged the full fee for the time you reserved.

Billing for Open Studio and Half-Studio Use

Open Studio and Half-Studio Use is billed monthly via e-mail from the Administrative Assistant, at the end of each calendar month. The amounts billed are due within 15 days after the end of the month. A 10% penalty is applied to any payments made after the due date; and an additional 10% penalty on any unpaid balance (including any unpaid penalty) for each additional 30 days  beyond the due date.

Whole Studio Rentals

Availability: The entire ACAT Studio is available for rent by members and nonmembers for Alexander Technique classes and workshops and for meetings, workshops, classes and other similar uses. Reservations may be made on an hourly basis or for one or two weekend days (7am to midnight on Saturdays and 7am to 4:30 pm on Sundays).

To make a Whole Studio reservation: Contact our Administrative Assistant by email or by phoning 212-633-2229. We generally respond to e-mailed reservation requests within 48 hours, except that we respond to requests made after 6pm on Fridays the following Monday. Response times to phone requests may be longer.

Confirming your reservation: If the time you requested is available, the Administrative Assistant will e-mail you a contract which you must sign and return with a deposit equal to 50% of the total rent, within 4 business days, in order to confirm your reservation. In the meantime, your reservation will be displayed on the studio calendar as “Pending.” When we receive your timely contract and deposit, your reservation will be considered confirmed, and the “Pending” notation on the studio calendar will be removed. If your deposit is not received within 4 business days, the reservation will be removed from the calendar.

Paying your balance: The balance of your rental is due 7 days before your reservation start date, which is the date of your reservation or, in the case of a multi-day reservation, the first date included in your reservation. If you don’t pay your balance on time, your reservation will be cancelled and you will forfeit your 50% deposit.

Cancellation fee: You may cancel a confirmed reservation by email or telephone (212) 633-2229 ext. 1 the Administrative Assistant. Whether you will receive a refund of your rental payments depends on when we receive your cancellation notice:

10+ days before start date: full refund of 50% deposit (no cancellation fee)
2 – 10 days before start date: forfeit 50% deposit
Fewer than 2 days before start date: forfeit 100% of rent

ACAT reserves the right to apply a more stringent policy in individual cases, if so specified in the relevant contract.

15-minute set up and clean up period: All Whole Studio reservations on the calendar will have a minimum 15-minute set up and clean up period built in at the start and end of the reservation. (Please let us know if you need more time when making your reservation.) The fee for the 15-minute set up period is waived for Teaching Members.

Studio Etiquette and Maintenance Your cooperation in adhering to the studio policies and your assistance in maintaining the condition and appearance of the studio allow us to continue to offer teaching and convening space to our members and associate members at very affordable rates.