ACAT Membership Services is dedicated to promoting the Alexander Technique and our teachers, presenting our monthly hands-on demonstration and new programming for the public, offering post-certification training, documenting our history and the history of the Alexander Technique in this country, and promoting greater community, sharing and unity among teachers of the Alexander Technique.

ACAT offers two tiers of membership.

  • Teaching Members are AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique Teachers who wish to participate and support ACAT’s goals and values, and benefit from being part of the ACAT community. Teaching Members are eligible for a number of free events throughout the year, can participate in continuing-education opportunities, and can rent the ACAT studio space for their private and group lessons. Teaching Membership is a voting category. Learn more about Teaching Membership and download our application.

  • Associate Members are students and supporters of the Technique, and of ACAT; this tier of membership is open to all. Associate Members can benefit in a number of ways by joining ACAT, including renting studio space and discounted programming. Associate Membership is a non-voting category. Learn more about Associate Membership and download our application.